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Fulfeelment, LLC provides people centric delivery leadership services.

We tap into a wealth of experience in practical Project Management to help manage multi-faceted and complex IT projects.  Our breadth of experience in technologies and business verticals enables us to be a reliable advisor to senior executive leadership on IT Strategy.

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Expert Project Management

Fulfeelment LLC’s key differentiators are years of project management experience, with a people centric approach.

IT Project Factors

IT projects come in various sizes and with many complexities. Goals, scope , budget, technology architecture, and project team structure are typical factors that impact delivery. Additionally, each project would have specific factors that affect further impact delivery, such as:

  • Stakeholders: Project leadership, team, sponsors and people whom the project is supposed to make a difference to
  • Organizational Structure: Socio-political considerations
  • Regulations: Legal/ Regulatory aspects, some of which can take long time to internalize and embed
  • Geographies: Countries, regions, and remote work challenges, teams that work in multiple time zones to deliver same project
  • Subject Areas: Features and functions needed by various business units that may straddle old, recent and the ‘yet to arrive’!
  • Integrations & Interface: Interactions between application, data structures, and third-party components, as an input to the technical architecture.

Want to kickoff your next IT initiative considering the various facets of success?
Have complex business requirements and multiple stakeholder teams?
Have a project that needs to be brought back to green?
Want to look for practical ways of increasing velocity while maintaining quality?

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IT Strategy

Fulfeelment can help review and co-author your IT Strategy, combining process, people, and technological aspects.

IT Strategy Factors of Consideration

IT Portfolios are a mix of programs, projects, and operations. Successful IT organizations blend the practical with the aspirational, in this mix. Some key aspects to consider are:

  • IT Roadmap Approach: Incorporate business centric program prioritization and budgeting process, that aligns with leadership vision and goals
  • Agile Preparedness and Evolution: Review those initiatives can be managed using the scrum methodology. For e.g. Custom Development, Analytics & Data Integration projects.
  • Portfolio Management: Account for different kinds of programs, practices, organizational policies, and leadership styles. Identify process flow efficiencies and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These enable programs, projects, and ongoing operations to be managed in a balanced fashion.
  • Enterprise Architecture: Balance the organization’s technology, application, data, network & solution architecture standards to the IT Roadmap
  • Change Enablement Strategy: Streamline people, process, and information technology initiatives through optimal communication and for user adoption strategies.

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Thank you for your interest and your visit!

I am Narayan Srinivasan. I founded Fulfeelment in 2019, to offer IT Delivery Leadership Services. I aspire to make a practical and perceptible difference to IT Projects.

In the last 20+ years, I’ve played Senior Leadership and Customer facing roles in the IT industry, which include companies such as, Neudesic, Accenture, and MicroStrategy.


I started my career as a hands-on application and database developer. I went on to specialize in Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Integration. I led teams and managed complex projects with tough deadlines and budgetary constraints. Later, I helped deliver technology projects that involved a plethora of ERP, EDI, CRM, Cloud Enablement, and Content Management solutions.

It became increasingly clear to me, over years, that the blend of skills and approach that my clients appreciated the most in me (and also honor me with repeat engagements!) are strengths that I could bring to bear in many other projects too, to make a similar positive impact.  As a trusted advisor to customers, I’ve led and contributed to numerous strategic initiatives, such as Project Assessments, Discovery & Roadmap definition, Agile evolution, and KPI identification.

I’ve worked with several verticals, such as:

  • HR
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Retail
  • Mortgage Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Consumer Products

I played several people management roles in my career. In these roles, I’ve been responsible for career advising and coaching of several employees, in realizing their potential.

In terms of education, I did my Bachelors degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai), India and followed it up with a Masters degree in Engineering from the Ohio State University.

Outside work, I am drawn to Nature, Photography, Writing, Science and Philosophy; they truly keep my battery charged and help retain serenity, to face the fast paced world of IT!

For more details check out my LinkedIn profile.


Here is what customers, managers, peers, and team members said about my work over the last two decades . These are excerpts from my LinkedIn recommendations.

Narayan is one of those rare leaders who can leverage all the tools in his toolbox. For the many years we worked together I was impressed with how easily he could move from being a strategic thinker to jumping in on the tactical work and getting things done.

His strengths are working with different personalities and bringing the larger team (clients, managers, dev teams, stakeholders, etc.) to a common, focused goal, and operating in an Agile or Kanban software development environment.

He showed leadership, organization, and ability to deliver the hard messages gaining the respect of his colleagues and myself.

Narayan is a team player engages with clients, teams and stakeholders with empathy and communication that adds value to any project.

He brought a great deal of diplomacy and level-headed leadership to the project.

He is a leader whom people want to follow, a peer who earns respect through his actions.

He carefully listened to our business and marketing requirements and executed flawlessly.

His emotional intelligence garners respect and admiration from his colleagues and staff. His technical acumen is very sharp, drawing from his years of professional consulting experience.

Narayan did a great job and was able to think strategically as well as dig into the detail in order to come up with credible recommendations.

He was really good at explaining the issues and the solutions to the business team in layman terms so they could understand and appreciate the proposed solutions.

I was extremely satisfied with Narayan’s professionalism in working with both the client and the development team from start to finish.

For more details check out my LinkedIn profile.

– Narayan Srinivasan