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Narayan Srinivasan

Senior Leadership roles in companies such as Neudesic, Accenture, and MicroStrategy.

Thank you for your interest and your visit! I am Narayan Srinivasan. I founded Fulfeelment in 2019 to offer IT program/project management and strategic services with a goal to help organizations create meaningful change. Later on, I also started service offerings to help with career coaching and executive coaching.

In the last 20+ years, I’ve played Senior Leadership roles in the IT industry, which include companies such as, Neudesic, Accenture, and MicroStrategy.  I did my Bachelors degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai), India and followed it up with a Masters degree in Engineering from the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

I started my career as a hands-on application and database developer. Shortly after, I went on to specialize in Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Integration. I then led teams and managed complex projects with tough deadlines and budgetary constraints. Later, I helped deliver technology programs and projects that also involved a plethora of ERP, EDI, CRM, Cloud Enablement, and Content Management solutions. It became increasingly clear to me, over years, that the blend of skills and approach that my clients appreciated the most in me (and also honor me with repeat engagements!) are strengths that I could bring to bear in many other projects too, to make a similar positive impact.  As a trusted advisor to customers, I’ve led and contributed to numerous strategic initiatives, such as Project Assessments, Discovery & Roadmap definition, Change Enablement, Practical Delivery Models, and KPI Identification.

I’ve worked with several business verticals, such as:

  • HR
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Logistics & Retail
  • Mortgage Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Consumer Products

I played several people management roles in my career. In these roles, I’ve been responsible for career advising and coaching of several employees, in realizing their potential.

Outside work, I am drawn to nature, photography, writing, science, and philosophy; they truly keep my battery charged and help maintain balance!