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The Fulfeelment Story

Honing one’s nature, in pursuit of refinement and fulfillment, is a recurring message in many teachings. Fulfeelment seeks to help clients with the means and methods to achieve this.  Fulfeelment goes beyond fulfillment by striving to bring about a perceptible feel-good factor in the way IT projects are thought and run.  IT projects could sometimes overlook the intangible aspects that are crucial for their successful completion. Feelings, channelized the right way, are as important as hard logic in decision making and problem solving.  

Fulfeelment® arose from honest and sincere reflections of the founder on his own skills, giving shape to service offerings that can replicate smiles he brought about in many a client. After analyzing over 25 discernible skills and reviewing them with likeminded people, he realized that his core skill is essentially, “helping people”. This is the primary theme of Fulfeelment, LLC: To help people harness the best in them, methodically, in succeeding with a smile. As the saying goes, nothing succeeds like success. Once you embrace it, nothing would fulfill like Fulfeelment!

Fulfeelment started out by providing: project management services to complex IT projects and strategic consulting services to IT programs and projects.  Fulfeelment’s career coaching services can help individuals assess and manage their careers in a holistic manner,  through a process of guided self analysis and an empathetic coaching approach. Additionally, Fulfeelment is  excited to offer executive coaching services that incorporate the spirit of Organizational Fulfeelment for improving engagement of individuals and teams.