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What is Fulfeelment?

What is Fulfeelment?

What is Fulfeelment?

“Fulfeelment is implicitly, intuitively understood fulfillment that satisfies and feels just right from being on a path to maximizing one’s potential based on one’s inherent strengths, talents, attitudes, and aspirations.”

– Narayan Srinivasan

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We live in a world of instant gratification. We have entertainment at our fingertips. In economies based on competition, we also have the need for practical approach to making a living. Fulfillment comes close in the current dictionary to help us look for balance in an ever-changing world. Fulfeelment goes a step further, as it focuses on how we feel about it. Feelings are important and while logic can help us analyze decisions, emotions help us take a decision. Fulfeeled individuals look at how they feel while doing a task or a job.

In a nutshell, fulfeeled individuals lead to fulfeeled organizations and fulfeeled communities. Fulfeeled individuals are not complacent. They learn and adapt as needed. They know when to reach out and when to let go.

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