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IT Project Management Considerations

IT Project Management Considerations

IT projects come in various sizes and with many complexities.

Want to kickoff your next IT initiative considering the various facets of success?
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Goals, scope , budget, technology architecture, and project team structure are typical factors that impact delivery. Additionally, each project would have specific factors that affect further impact delivery, such as:

  • Stakeholders: Project leadership, team, sponsors and people whom the project is supposed to make a difference to
  • Organizational Structure: Socio-political considerations
  • Regulations: Legal/ Regulatory aspects, some of which can take long time to internalize and embed
  • Geographies: Countries, regions, and remote work challenges, teams that work in multiple time zones to deliver same project
  • Subject Areas: Features and functions needed by various business units that may straddle old, recent and the ‘yet to arrive’!
  • Integrations & Interface: Interactions between application, data structures, and third-party components, as an input to the technical architecture.

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